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Covington Internet of Things Update: U.S., U.K., and E.U. Regulators Turn Focus to IoT

The “Internet of Things” (IoT)—the network of consumer devices connected to the Internet through digital connections and sensors—has dramatically grown over the past five years. A McKinsey analysis estimated that the potential annual economic impact of IoT in 2025 could be between $4 trillion and $11 trillion, with value accruing in manufacturing, urban spaces, human … Continue Reading

Covington Internet of Things Update: Voice Technologies, Meet the EU E-Privacy Regulation

This post was originally published on the Covington InsidePrivacy blog on January 19, 2018. On January 12, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas closed its doors for another year.  Each CES raises a new set of technology themes, ranging from robots to smart fridges — and this year, the winner was voice … Continue Reading

EU Announces E-Commerce Sector Inquiry

Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager announced today during a speech at the Bundeskartellamt (German Competition Authority) International Conference on Competition her intention to launch a sector inquiry in the e-commerce sector. The sector inquiry will be formally proposed to the Commission in May. Preliminary findings on the sector inquiry could be ready in mid-2016. Commissioner Vestager … Continue Reading

Ireland Proposes Amendments to Copyright Law

Written by Ezra Steinhardt and Colin Warriner On 29 October 2013, the Republic of Ireland’s Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation (DJEI) published a report containing proposed amendments to its copyright laws, named “Modernising Copyright” (“the Report”).  Taking account of submissions received during a public consultation that ran between February and May 2012, the DJEI’s … Continue Reading

New EU Telecoms Regulation Proposals: Analysis Part 1 – Net Neutrality

Written by Ezra Steinhardt and Colin Warriner On 12 September, 2013, the European Commission formally adopted a proposal for a new Telecommunications Regulation (the “Regulation”).  The Regulation would, if enacted, reform the European Union’s telecommunication rules, including in areas such as net neutrality, spectrum allocation, roaming charges, and consumer rights in mobile and telecoms contracts.  The … Continue Reading

EU’s Highest Court Considers the Situs of Damage in Online Copyright Infringements (Pinckney)

On 13 June 2013, Advocate General (“AG”) Niilo Jääskinen of the EU’s Court of Justice (CJEU) issued his non-binding Opinion in the Pinckney case, dealing with the question of courts’ competence to hear online copyright infringement cases in the EU.  In his Opinion, the AG extended to copyright principles developed in relation to other IP … Continue Reading

European Commission’s Survey on Intellectual Property Enforcement Seeks Input on Potentially Anticompetitive Litigation

By Hee-Eun Kim On 30 November 2012, the European Commission launched a public consultation to assess the efficiency and accessibility of civil enforcement measures for intellectual property (IP) rights in the EU Member States.  Notably, the survey asks a number of questions on the use of injunctions and other enforcement measures for “frivolous and/or anticompetitive … Continue Reading

German Court Refers Question on Cross-Border Copyright Infringement to the CJEU

By Ezra Steinhardt and Fredericka Argent InfoCuria and the UK Intellectual Property Office have released new information about a recent question referred to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) from the German Federal Supreme Court (Bundesgerichthof).  In essence, the reference asks the CJEU whether European courts, when considering copyright infringement in their … Continue Reading

Italian Court Refers Question to the CJEU Regarding Circumvention of Technological Copyright Protections

By Ezra Steinhardt and Fredericka Argent InfoCuria has released information about a case recently referred to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) from Tribunale di Milano in Italy.  While the Court has yet to provide detailed underlying factual information, the case appears to raise issues that will be important to companies that … Continue Reading