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Oral Arguments Tee Up Widely Anticipated 9th Circuit Decision in “Aereokiller” Case

A three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments on Tuesday in the so-called “Aereokiller” litigation.  The case tests whether services that allow subscribers to stream broadcast television on their computers and mobile devices infringe the exclusive right of copyright owners to publicly perform their copyrighted works.  Specifically, the Ninth Circuit … Continue Reading

Supreme Court Clarifies Broad Geographic Reach of Copyright’s First-Sale Doctrine

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court issued its opinion in Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., resolving a long-simmering debate by holding that copyright’s first-sale doctrine applies to copyrighted works lawfully made anywhere in the world.  The upshot is that someone who buys an authorized, foreign-made copy (Kirtsaeng involved a foreign version of a textbook) … Continue Reading

FCC Proposes New Rules to Address Call Completion Complaints

Last week, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) adopted a notice of proposed rulemaking (“NPRM”) proposing to require facilities-based originating long-distance voice service providers to collect, retain and report on phone call answer rate data to rural and non-rural areas.  The NPRM also proposes to prohibit both originating and intermediate voice service providers from causing so-called … Continue Reading