Reflecting the heightened interest in 5G and related cybersecurity concerns, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has requested public comment on the implementation of its National Strategy to Secure 5G. Stakeholders with interests in telecommunications infrastructure and security—and any parties interested in 5G generally—currently have the opportunity to provide input on the plan that will carry out the Administration’s 5G strategy.

From now until June 18, 2020, the NTIA will accept public comments as part of its efforts to develop a rollout for its National Strategy to Secure 5G. This implementation plan is being developed per the Secure 5G and Beyond Act of 2020, which President Trump signed into law on March 23. The NTIA published its National Strategy the same day.

Through its request for comments, the NTIA seeks information on how the U.S. Government can best facilitate accelerated development and deployment of 5G in the United States and pave the way for innovation for future generations of mobile networks. Public input will help shape a formal implementation plan that the National Security and National Economic Councils, in consultation with relevant federal departments and agencies, will develop and finalize.

The information requested generally tracks with the four lines of effort set forth in the Administration’s National Strategy, which focuses primarily on identifying and promoting cybersecurity principles for the development and deployment of 5G infrastructure worldwide. These lines of effort focus on: (1) facilitating domestic 5G rollout, (2) assessing risks to and identifying core security principles of 5G infrastructure, (3) addressing risks to U.S. economic and national security during the development and deployment of 5G infrastructure worldwide, and (4) promoting responsible global development and deployment of 5G.

A full list of questions is available in the Federal Register Notice announcing the request for comment. All comments are due by June 18, 2020.