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Miranda Cole

Miranda Cole

Miranda Cole is a partner based in the firm’s Brussels office.  She practices competition and communications law and policy, and has more than 15 years of experience in the field.  Ms. Cole’s competition law expertise encompasses merger control, actions under Articles 101 and 102 TFEU, advisory work and actions before the European courts in Luxembourg.

She has particular expertise in advising companies active in the technology and communications sectors in complex and strategic regulatory and policy matters, with particular expertise regarding the impact of evolving regulatory frameworks on new technologies and services.  In the communications sector she has extensive experience advising in connection with all aspects of European and international regulation, policy and competition law, and counselling in connection with the impact of regulation on transactions.


Yaron Dori

Yaron Dori

Yaron Dori is a partner in the firm’s Washington, DC office, and is the co-chair of the Communications & Media Practice Group. He practices primarily in the area of telecommunications, privacy and consumer protection law, with an emphasis on strategic planning, policy development, commercial transactions, investigations and enforcement, and overall regulatory compliance.

Mr. Dori represents clients before federal and state regulatory agencies and the U.S. Congress in connection with a range of policy issues under the Communications Act, the Federal Trade Commission Act, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, and similar federal and state provisions. His unique experience in telecommunications, privacy and consumer protection matters enables him to advise clients on a range of issues in which these disciplines intersect.

With respect to telecommunications matters, Mr. Dori advises clients on a range of business, policy and consumer-facing issues, including net neutrality, broadband deployment, Internet Protocol-enabled services, truth-in-billing, the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA), Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) rules, the Cable Privacy Act, exclusive service contracts, cable franchise obligations, local competition, universal service reform and intercarrier compensation.

Mr. Dori also has extensive experience in structuring transactions and securing regulatory approvals at both the federal and state levels for mergers, asset acquisitions and similar transactions involving large and small telecommunications carriers, media companies, and data aggregators.


Simon Frankel

Simon Frankel

Simon Frankel, a partner in the firm’s San Francisco office, has broad civil litigation experience. His practice focuses on copyright and trademark litigation, technology and Internet privacy disputes, and legal issues related to visual art. Mr. Frankel’s extensive intellectual property litigation work includes copyright, patent, trademark, anti-counterfeiting, and right of publicity matters. In the anti-counterfeiting area, Mr. Frankel has worked extensively with U.S. Customs and Border Protection in protecting clients’ intellectual property rights.

His other civil litigation work includes numerous licensing disputes and consumer class actions, including unfair competition and false advertising claims under California Business and Professions Code Section 17200, and Internet privacy claims under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.


Nigel Howard

Nigel Howard

Nigel Howard is a partner in the firm’s Technology Transactions, Global Privacy and Security, Venture Capital and Emerging Companies practices. Mr. Howard’s practice focuses on technology, outsourcing, data, and intellectual property law. He represents clients in complex technology transactions, including outsourcing, licensing, corporate partnering, and strategic alliance transactions. Mr. Howard’s experience also includes representing both domestic and international clients in global strategies for sourcing, data asset management, data exchanges and licenses, e-commerce and merchandising solutions, online advertising services, and cloud computing services. He has extensive experience representing clients of all sizes (from Fortune 50 to start-ups) in intellectual property and data purchases and sales, and in reviews of IP and data assets.


Jennifer A. Johnson

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson is co-chair of the firm’s Communications & Media Practice Group.  She represents and advises broadcast licensees, trade associations, and other media entities on a wide range of issues, including:  regulatory and policy advocacy; network affiliation and other programming agreements; media joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions; carriage negotiations with cable, satellite and telco companies; media ownership and attribution; and other strategic, regulatory and transactional matters.

Ms. Johnson assists clients in developing and pursuing strategic business and policy objectives before the Federal Communications Commission and Congress and through transactions and other business arrangements.  Her broadcast clients draw particular benefit from her deep experience and knowledge with respect to network/affiliate issues, retransmission consent arrangements, and other policy and business issues facing the industry.  Ms. Johnson also assists investment clients in structuring, evaluating and pursuing potential media investments.  She has been recognized by Best Lawyers, Chambers USA, Legal 500 USA, Washington DC Super Lawyers, and the Washingtonian as a leading lawyer in her field.


Lisa Peets

Lisa Peets

Lisa Peets leads the intellectual property and technology and media groups in the firm’s London office. Ms. Peets divides her time between London and Brussels, and her practice embraces legislative advocacy, trade and IP enforcement. In this context, she has worked closely with leading multinationals in a number of sectors, including many of the world’s best-known software and hardware companies.

On behalf of her clients, Ms. Peets has been actively engaged in a wide range of law reform efforts in Europe, on multilateral, regional and national levels. This includes advocacy on EU and national initiatives relating to e-commerce, copyright, patents, data protection, technology standards, compulsory licensing, IPR enforcement and emerging technologies. Ms. Peets also counsels clients on trade related matters, including EU export controls and sanctions rules and WTO compliance.

In the IP enforcement space, Ms. Peets coordinates a team of lawyers and Internet investigators who direct civil and criminal enforcement actions in countries throughout Europe and who conduct global notice and takedown programs to combat Internet piracy.

Ms. Peets is a member of the European Commission’s Expert Group on reform of the IP Enforcement Directive.


Mace Rosenstein

Mace Rosenstein is a partner in the firm’s Washington office and is co-chair of the Media, Internet and Telecommunications Industry Group. Mr. Rosenstein’s practice focuses on media and telecommunications transactions, policy, regulation and compliance. He represents legacy and new media clients on a wide range of strategic matters, including mergers and acquisitions, joint operating agreements and similar arrangements, and has assisted in structuring and securing regulatory approvals for major acquisitions of broadcast and telecommunications properties. He advises private equity funds, banks and other investors on federal law and regulation pertaining to foreign ownership and multiple and cross-ownership of media and telecommunications properties. He has assisted clients in effectuating changes in FCC rules in order to facilitate creative business concepts, both through rule waivers and in complex rulemaking proceedings before the FCC and in the federal courts.


Gerard J. Waldron

Gerard Waldron

Gerard Waldron is a partner in the Washington office. His practice focuses on regulatory and legislative matters affecting the communications and IT industries. He represents broadband companies, high-tech and Internet content companies, wireline and wireless telephone companies, sports leagues, broadcasters and investors on matters before the FCC, Congress, and state commissions, as well as in industry and company negotiations.


Kurt Wimmer

Kurt Wimmer

Kurt Wimmer is co-chair of the Media, Internet and Technology group at Covington and the US chair of its Global Privacy and Data Security practice. He concentrates n privacy and technology law, as well as intellectual property and media. He is vice-chair of the Privacy and Information Security Committee of the American Bar Association’s Antitrust Section, co-chair of the Privacy and Data Security Committee of the Federal Communications Bar Association, and chair of the First Amendment Advisory Committee of the Media Institute. He represents clients on privacy and public policy matters before the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Communications Commission, Congress, the European Commission and state attorneys general, as well as in strategic transactions, content liability advice, and international matters. From 2000-2003, he focused on European data protection law in Covington’s London office, where he was managing partner. From 2006 to 2009, he was Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Gannett Co., Inc.


Monika Kuschewsky

Monika Kuschewsky specialises in data protection law.  She has broad experience in a wide range of data protection matters which are relevant to global companies, with a particular focus on international data transfers, outsourcing, HR and direct marketing, as well as multijurisdictional audits and compliance programs.  Ms. Kuschewsky also advises on the data protection implications of the use of new technologies and practices, such as Bring Your Own Device, cloud computing, geolocation services, cookies and social networks.  She is qualified as a Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E) and Betrieblicher Datenschutzbeauftragter (company data protection officer) (GDDcert.).  Being a German qualified attorney and certified data protection officer, Ms. Kuschewsky also has an in-depth knowledge of the specificities of German data protection law.  She advises clients in a wide range of sectors, including media and technology, energy and transport, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and finance.  She also provides training and legal advice on data protection related issues to trade associations and companies.


Krzysztof Bebenek

Krzysztof Bebenek

Chris Bebenek is an associate in the firm’s San Francisco office.


Michael Beder

Michael Beder

Michael Beder is an associate in the firm’s Washington, DC, office. He is a member of the Communications and Media, Global Privacy and Data Security, and Litigation practice groups.  Mr. Beder has advised media and technology clients on a range of issues such as defamation and invasion of privacy laws, compliance obligations relating to electronic marketing and promotions, and regulatory and enforcement matters before the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission.


Elizabeth H. Canter

Elizabeth Canter

Libbie Canter is an associate in the firm’s Washington, DC office and a member of the Communications & Media, Global Privacy & Data Security, and Litigation Practice Groups. She counsels technology and media industry clients on legislative and industry issues, including representing clients on matters before Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commission.


Matt Kellogg

Matt Kellogg

Matt Kellogg is an associate in the firm’s San Francisco office practicing in the areas of intellectual property litigation and unfair competition and false advertising litigation.


Cortlin Lannin

Cortlin Lannin

Cortlin Lannin is an associate in the firm’s San Francisco office. His practice focuses primarily on antitrust litigation, including antitrust in technology industries. Mr. Lannin also has experience with intellectual property issues and has advised several leading technology companies on the application of copyright and trademark to Internet applications and services.


Helena Marttila

Helena Marttila

Helena Marttila is an associate in the technology and media group in the London office. Her practice focuses on intellectual property, data protection, and information technology law, and encompasses regulatory compliance and advisory work.

Ms. Marttila advises leading pharmaceutical, technology, and software companies on a wide range of matters relating to copyright, e-commerce, data protection, and data retention laws. Her work in this area has involved advising global companies on compliance with European data privacy and information rights legislation, such as the UK Data Protection Act, Human Rights Act and Freedom of Information Act, and related EU directives. She also advises on a variety of law reform efforts in Europe, including providing strategic advice on EU and national initiatives relating to copyright and data protection policy.


Patrick M. Phelan

Patrick Phelan

Patrick Phelan is a litigation associate in the firm’s Washington, DC office. His practice focuses on Trademark Litigation and White Collar Defense and Investigations. Patrick has significant experience in enforcing Intellectual Property rights in connection with Internet-related activities, including domain name cybersquatting. He has represented clients in trademark and unfair competition litigation and domain name disputes before U.S. District Courts, the National Arbitration Forum, and the World Intellectual Property Organization.


Eve R. Pogoriler

Eve Pogoriler

Eve Pogoriler’s practice focuses on communications and media. She advises media and communications clients in a variety of transactional and rulemaking matters and has counseled broadcasting clients on privacy, libel, and First Amendment issues.


Agnieszka Polcyn

Agnieszka Polcyn is an associate in the Brussels Office.  Her practice focuses on European and international trade law as well as litigation before the European Courts.  Her experience extends to a broad range of trade and customs matters such as economic sanctions, export controls, trade defence as well as preferential trade arrangements, rules of origin and classification.



Stephen Satterfield

Stephen Satterfield is an associate in the firm’s Washington, DC office and a member of the Global Privacy and Data Security practice group.  He counsels clients on the legal and policy issues surrounding online marketing, social media, and other emerging digital technologies.  He has advised some of the world’s leading technology, media, and financial services companies in their implementation of consumer privacy protections.


Ezra Steinhardt

Ezra Steinhardt advises leading internet, technology and pharmaceutical companies, as well as trade associations and consortia, on a diverse range of regulatory compliance and law reform issues.  This includes advocacy and strategic advice on policy matters such as data protection, data retention, the interception of communications, copyright, and other internet-related issues.


Joanne Sum-Ping

Joanne Sum-Ping

Joanne Sum-Ping counsels clients in a wide range of complex commercial disputes, including intellectual property disputes and those with international implications. She has litigated cases from the pleadings stage through discovery and trial, and has also briefed and argued several appeals. Ms. Sum-Ping has a special focus on intellectual property rights in China and regularly works with our Beijing office.


Lindsey L. Tonsager

Lindsey Tonsager

Lindsey Tonsager is an associate in the firm’s Washington, DC office, where she practices in the areas of privacy and data security, communications and media, and copyright law.

Ms. Tonsager represents clients in policy and adjudicatory proceedings before the U.S. Congress, Federal Trade Commission, Federal Communications Commission, and Copyright Royalty Board. In addition to assisting clients engage strategically with regulators on a proactive basis, she has experience helping clients respond to informal investigations and enforcement actions.

Ms. Tonsager advises clients on a broad range of regulatory issues, including spectrum policy, accessibility requirements, cable and satellite carriage rules, compulsory copyright license regimes, the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising, and the laws governing the collection of personal information from children online, behavioral advertising, e-mail marketing, telecommunications and new technologies.

Ms. Tonsager also represents clients in a variety of commercial transactions, such as negotiating copyright licenses, mobile app and social media development agreements, and programming carriage agreements. She regularly assists clients in developing clear privacy disclosures and policies―including website and mobile app disclosures, terms of use, and internal social media and privacy-by-design policies.


Mark Young

Mark Young

Mark Young is an associate in the firm’s London office and member of the Global Privacy and Data Security and Intellectual Property Rights practice groups. His practice focuses on data privacy, intellectual property and information technology law, and encompasses legislative advocacy, regulatory compliance, and IP enforcement.

Mr. Young advises leading software and technology companies and consortia on a wide range of law reform efforts in Europe. This includes advocacy and strategic advice on EU and national initiatives, as well as references from Member State courts to the EU Court of Justice, relating to data privacy and retention, copyright, trademarks, ecommerce, online liability, IP enforcement, and software related policy.

In addition to this strategic counseling, Mr. Young advises internet-based companies and technology and pharmaceutical industry clients on day to day regulatory compliance matters involving EU and UK data privacy and data retention laws, as well as associated information technology and ecommerce laws and regulations.

In the IP enforcement space, Mr. Young represents right owners in the sport, media and publishing industries, and helps coordinate a team of Internet investigators who conduct global notice and takedown programs to combat internet piracy.